All of our products are animal-free and cruelty-free. We are a PETA-certified retailer, meaning we have signed PETA’s statement of assurance verifying that the products we sell do not use animal materials (including leather, fur, wool, and silk).


We work with brands who make a genuine effort to source and manufacture their products in a fair, ethical, and sustainable manner. Our products are manufactured without PVC* and many of the brands we carry are exploring innovative new materials like Piñatex® (pineapple leather) and apple leather.

*Please note: We do carry a few items that are created from deadstock materials containing PVC. Because these items use recycled textiles, we have deemed this acceptable as it saves the material from entering landfill. You will see a note on all relevant items. 


Ethics are tablestakes in our product sourcing. However, that alone does not meet our standards. We individually assess each brand's aesthetic design and overall quality, hand-selecting only those that we deem to be stylish, beautiful, and well-made.