Modern Beast

Modernbeast - Pod - White


If a cloud and a bird’s nest had a baby, it would be Modern Beast's pod. But as they discovered, that’s not how life works.  So they set to work to design the most comfortable, sleep inducing, full body supportive beast bed imaginable.  They started with a core of high loft, 100% recycled fiber (1 pound of our high loft fiber diverts 7 plastic bottles from landfills), then surrounded the core with a durable, removable and washable cover of the most incredibly soft fabric they could find.  Other than your bed, our Modern Beast pod will become your beast’s favorite place to sleep. 

Sizes Available

26" POD up to approx. 30 lbs
32" POD up to approx. 50 lbs


Carefully remove outer cover for washing.  
Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle
Tumble Dry Low


100% Polyester