Dogs: My Gateway Drug to Vegan Fashion

I have had a few good dogs — really good dogs. Riley, Noah, Dakota, Sadie. Not "good" as in well behaved. Actually, they've universally had pretty poor manners. Good as in soul-quenchingly special dogs. Each canine addition strengthened my belief that animals are the key to happiness. Forget religion and philosophy — just pet all the dogs, and you'll be fine. (Just kidding, mostly.)


That realization manifested in two ways: I wanted more (and more and more) dogs in my home, and I started to question whether other animals — cows, pigs, sheep, goats — were really all that different from my beloved canine companions.


After graduating from college, I trekked out to Kanab, Utah — a sleepy yet exquisitely beautiful town near several of Southern Utah's national parks — to volunteer at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (BFAS), a desert oasis home to nearly 1,600 abused, homeless, and neglected animals. My time at BFAS extended my love for all animals and reinforced my desire for a purpose-oriented career. In tandem, I thought more deeply about getting rid of animal consumption in all facets of my life. I had given up meat years earlier, but decided it was time to move beyond animal textiles, too. 


As I began researching animal-friendly brands, I felt frustrated by how fragmented the world of ethical fashion and beauty was. Triangulating between fashion bloggers, vegan bloggers, and a wide variety of brands and retailers, required a serious time investment. And, equally important, incredibly talented brands were often getting lost in the "noise" along the way. I craved a single destination that hand-selected the best of the best. 


And so, with patience and passion, I set out to create that destination. And thus VOKE was born — a curated boutique for beautifully crafted animal-free fashion. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 


Caroline Francis


Founder & CEO, VOKE





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